Thursday, March 24, 2011

Vote for Anna Kaelin

My friend Anna Kaelin is competing in the Utah Stadium of Fire Talent Search. Click on the link to vote for her.  Here is her video as well.

Stadium of Fire Talent Search

You may  vote for up to three of your favorites. Vote by clicking on the button  in the sidebar to the right or at the bottom of the page. You have until  April 15 to cast your vote! The 25 most popular performers from this group will qualify for our live public auditions in May.  From there, the three most talented contestants will be chosen to  perform LIVE at Stadium of Fire on July 2, where one lucky act will win  the contest and $10,000! Good luck to all our contestants! Note: The order of videos will rotate on this site each day. Scroll down this page to see all of the videos.

Check out what David Archuleta's singing coach Dean Kaelin, aka Anna's Dad, has to say

Anna Kaelin, Battle of the Bands
Anna Kaelin - Battle of the Bands

Hello David Archuleta fans!
This is Dean Kaelin, voice coach for David Archuleta. I want to thank you all for your support of David and his career. You have been great and David and all of us that work with him are so grateful for your support of David and his music.
I wanted to make you aware if you weren’t already that my daughter Anna Kaelin is a Country/Pop singer whose career is rising. She was on American Idol season 8 and has been touring since last Summer. We showcased her for some labels and music industry people in Nashville in October. She will be moving to Nashville full time in March so that she can really get things going.
The labels are very interested in her, but are sitting back and watching how her fan base develops to see if she can generate some buzz and excitement among the listening public. If you enjoy David I think that you would really enjoy Anna.
I wanted to reach out to all of David’s fans and see if they would take just a few seconds and vote for Anna so she can get into the top 10 today. It would help show the labels that Anna has the ability to attract fans. I thought it would be an interesting experiment to see how active and strong David’s fans still are if they could generate some excitement for Anna as well! It would also be great if you could join her fan club on Facebook (just google Anna Kaelin Fan Club). That way you could keep up with all she is doing and be a part of things as her star rises! You could be one of the ones that says, “Yes, I knew her BEFORE she was famous!”
Anna has an EP that is available as well. You can find her songs on i-tunes, just search for Anna Kaelin. Thanks again for all your support of David and all he is doing!
Dean Kaelin – David Archuleta Voice Coach

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