Friday, April 22, 2011

It Pays to Know the Right Teachers and Contacts

This article from PBS Great Performances titled Josh Groban in Concert Singing Sensation, by Samantha Gleistan, is a fantastic article detailing how Josh Groban got his start with David Foster through Seth Riggs.

Josh Groban in Concert ~ Singing Sensation
"...when Groban was a youthful 17, multi-Grammy-winning producer David Foster found himself in need of a singer to fill in for Michael Crawford at an inauguration party for the newly elected governor of California, Gray Davis. Foster called Groban’s voice teacher at the time, Seth Riggs, and asked for some tapes. Groban’s was among those that Foster received.

Foster recognized something special in Groban’s submission and called on him to sing at the governor’s gala. Groban’s performance marked the beginning of a fantastic series of events that have catapulted him into the eyes, ears, and living rooms of millions. As Foster explains in JOSH GROBAN IN CONCERT, “It only happens a few times in a lifetime that a tape sticks out so dramatically. … I heard all these other tapes and they were all good, but when your voice came on it was just breathtaking. … There is such a place in this world for your voice.” And together, they have been finding that place."

Read whole article HERE.

Seth Riggs has been my vocal coach and is an incredibly talented man.  The method he created, Speech Level Singing,  is a method I truly believe in, which is why I am a certified Speech Level Singing Instructor.   FYI, did you know that Speech Level Singing has taught over 120 Grammy Winners?

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