Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Singing Lessons In Denver and Boulder Colorado


Have you heard about Charlie Pants Music Studio? 
Charlie Pants Music Studio (CPMS) was founded in 2000 with the purpose of providing top-notch vocal instruction to its local Denver music community and has since grown to include students from all over the world.

About Leah Stone

Leah is a Level 4 Instructor of the Speech Level Singing™ (SLS) technique and one of the leading vocal coaches in North America.  She works with clients who are preparing for theatre, musical, studio, and concert work.  Leah’s students live around the world and use Skype to take online vocal lessons.

About Speech Level Singing

sls image1 Lessons

CPMS uses the Speech Level Singing™ method, which is the most sought after vocal technique in the world. Within a supportive coaching environment you will gain the tools to unlock your voice and the ability to sing in any style without straining or cracking. Experience freedom in your voice to move from low to high notes with ease.

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Charlie Pants Music offers in person lessons at its vocal studio location in Denver/Boulder, Colorado and Washington, DC. Leah Stone also travels regularly to teach singing lessons and vocal classes in Boston, New York City, Chicago, Denver, Boulder, Washington DC, Richmond, and Los Angeles.


- Singing lessons

- Guitar and Piano Accompaniment lessons

- Songwriting/Arranging lessons

- Stage Presence and Performance lessons

- Executive Speech Presentation Coaching

- Rock, Pop, Alternative, Folk, Jazz, Country, R&B, Indie, Broadway, and Classical lessons and more to all ages and all levels of experience

- Read about Online Singing/Songwriting Lessons 


- How to make your natural tone sound its best

- How to develop great vocal control

- Smoothing out the vocal breaks in your voice

- Vocal Stylization

- Stage Presence and Performance

- Songwriting and Lyrics

- Accompanying yourself on guitar and or piano

Contact the vocal studio today to learn more about how you can enhance your singing voice either by in person singing lessons in Denver, Colorado or by online singing lessons via Skype.

Check out what Charlie Pants Music singing students have been doing.

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